Forget the knife. Grab a spoon.

Food trends come and go, but pimento cheese never goes out of style, especially one that’s properly crafted with flavor. Proper Pepper is well bred with a pedigree of ingredients that have been carefully curated and are as impressive as its taste...just ask the 13 judges at the 2015 Flavor of Georgia contest.  They chose Proper Pepper to be the winner over several other pimento cheeses, gelatos, yogurts, butters and other dairy products.  

Our flagship ingredients are naturally aged white sharp Cabot cheddar cheese and of course, no other than Duke’s mayonnaise. Proper Pepper adds a little culture to the sharp cheddar and pepper jack with cousin cottage, transforming this humble dish into a smooth spreading, calcium loaded, protein packed, rich dairy product ideal for any meal. 

Crafting quality takes time and that’s why you will taste the difference between Proper Pepper and other brands. Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese is made in small batches, using a special micro-manufacturing technique that allows the batch maker to grate the cheese from a fresh block and blend the roasted red peppers with flavor that permeates each bite. 


Proper Pepper’s Classic flavor embodies the word classic - pure, genuine, rich, creamy and something that will never go out of style. Just like my Frye boots, KitchenAid mixer, and a Coca-Cola. Flagship ingredients include white sharp Cabot cheese that has been naturally aged and of course, the official binding agent, none other than another classic, Duke’s mayonnaise. 

Proper Pepper’s Get Back Jack was a 2015 Flavor of Georgia winner. Its leading ingredient is Cabot pepper jack cheese, Duke’s mayonnaise and an extra dose of jalapenos. Just as its name indicates, it has been judged to set back the palate with an explosion of taste, especially paired with a ginger snap. 

Out of the tub or as an hors d’oeuvre 

Making and serving pimento cheese has about as many variations as Thanksgiving dressing - but unlike dressing, pimento cheese easily transitions from breakfast to lunch to dinner, as well as an in-between meal snack! 

Sure, you can make your own - but why go to the trouble? Save that time for your children or your favorite book. Proper Pepper makes life easier for busy families, non-cooks, and culinary savvy consumers. We are the proper society staple food item for young gourmets with limited cooking experience; older gourmets with limited time; and those who enjoy culinary grazing. The most proper and classic way to serve pimento cheese is between two pieces of fresh bread. Of course, many take the unconventional route and simply eat it by the spoonful! 


When a sandwich starts to feel like old hat, try these tried & true serving tips 

  • Make a Proper Pepper burger with Get back Jack as the cheese. 
  • Spread on a hamburger, hotdog, turkey, ham or BBQ sandwich. 
  • Toast Proper Pepper on an English muffin or raisin bread for breakfast.
  • Spread between tortillas for an easy quesadilla. 
  • Spread on a cocktail cracker and serve with a glass of wine. 
  • Add a dollop of Proper Pepper on grits for breakfast. 
  • Spice up shrimp and grits with a Proper Pepper garnishment. 
  • Set a tub of Proper Pepper on a silver tray and dip your favorite sturdy cracker in it! 
  • Use as the cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich. 
  • Spread on celery, sprinkled with salt and pepper or paprika. 
  • Spoon into Fritos or Scoops. 
  • Smear Get Back Jack on a ginger snap for an unexpected kick!
  • Top off a cracker with Proper Pepper and pepper jelly to really impress your friends.
  • Slather onto a fried green tomato.
  • Fry Proper Pepper within a fritter.
  • Layer onto a bacon, lettuce and heirloom tomato sandwich. 

If these ideas still don’t suit your fancy, just do a little searching for yourself and you’ll find recipes for pimento cheese bacon burgers, baked tex-mex pimento cheese dip, pimento cheese-stuffed fried chicken, grilled pimento cheese sandwiches, pimento cheese biscuits, macaroni-and-pimento cheese bites, pimento cheese scones, pimento cheese cookies, pimento cheese deviled eggs, pimento cheese rolls and much more. Of course, substitute Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese into any of these recipes and you will greatly impress your family and guests! 

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